Xmas & End of Year Celebrations

Getting into the Festive Spirit?

Find a Christmas Party Venue to suit your office size or friendship group!

’Tis the season to be Jolly. And busy. And stressed. And time poor…

Organising a Christmas Party can be hard work. You want it to be memorable, enjoyable and affordable. Making your Christmas an enjoyable event is not only important for team member morale and giving something back to the group of workers who dedicated themselves to your business, it is also important for group bonding and socialising.

To help you get the wheels in motion for organising a great Christmas Party, Office Break Up Party, End of Year Corporate Function or Work Break Up Celebration, follow these few steps and you’ll find the best Christmas Party venue in Melbourne:


1) Event Style

Create that holiday feel. Work out the overall feel of the event. Do you want a drinks or meal (or both), day or night, large or segmented, activities or speech based, glamorous or low key and private or shared function space. Understanding you desired over all feel for the event helps to create an important foundation for planning the rest of your party.


2) Event Numbers

Make a list and check it twice. While final numbers for an event aren’t needed until the week before, knowing a rough number of guests is integral to venue selection, party planning, budget setting and event style direction. If you have a large group of team members it will make venue size important as larger venues are harder to find. If you have a smaller group of team members you may be looking for more activities, or sit down dining options.


3) Date Estimation

Santa Claus is coming to town. Set yourself a list of date options or requirements. It makes it easier for you when looking for a venue if you know any dates that are deal breakers or days to avoid. It also helps if you not only set your sights on one date, but have a few options as this will increase the ease of finding a suitable venue.


4) Budget

What’s on the Xmas wish list? Estimating what you can or want to spend on an Xmas party is a good place to start. Even if this is just a ball park. It can help guide you planning. Once you have that number, break it down by head. A per head budget is easy for event planners to work towards and will also give you a better estimate of an appropriate budget to work with.


5) Book!

Perfect venues for an Xmas / end of year celebration
El Coco
Melbourne, CBD
Hotel Brighton
The Nixon
True South
Black Rock
St. Kilda
Somewhere Bar
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